Back to daily grind!

My mum say she still need 1 hr to finish her milk each feed when I'm away 😂

Why you no drink faster?!?!

Mum and Sister left this morning 😭😭 really really Thank God for them! I really don't have to worry when Chloe with them.. especially my mum handle Chloe so well!

Last night when we're back, Chloe doesn't even want me or hub lo.. she ran back to hug my mum! Surprise I'm happy coz I know she enjoy grandma care.. she also gain 0.2 kg in 3 days! Haha every gram count! My mum feed her everything la…

She even help me clean and tidy my messy house😂

Quiet book

One of the task I get her to do Everyday on her play time

Really thanks my new mummy Friend whom I got to know in the market introduce this to me.. can keep her occupied for sometimes and she seems to enjoy it ! Every time I announce it's quiet book time she would go to the table and wait for me to do it with her..

Time to get a proper kids table and chair for her already

Going to collect my tb 11.11 buy now!!

Finally.. after 1 month of waiting!

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