Parent Getaways – last day

Last morning in bkk..

Brunch at Audrey cafe @ siam center

Remote shoot is our best friend for wefie

Thanks for this trip, dear 😘

Thai tea crepe cake
Verdict- not bad

Vongole pasta – not bad
Crab soufflé – very hella after few mouthful

Wearing my buy yesterday, the top look really normal but the material is comfy.. pant also not bad colour and design is versatile easy to match..

Saw a really nice pair of jeans 2200bht at siam square! But we have not enuf cash 😭 huhuhu

Last night outfit
Crop top: Editors market
Velvet culottes : Bershka
Flat: Taobao

I really love this culottes.. keep finding top that can match it

Thanks hubby for this much needed trip! 😘

Last purchase of the trip!
Good that we have not enuf cash for the jeans at siam square if not I wouldn't be getting these

Going home now for my baby!
Mum and sis brought her out to art gallery and cafe hopping today, so blessed to have them!

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