Parent Getaways Day 1

Today is the day!
On the way to airport, Chloe still sleeping when we are out so we didn't say goodbye to her 😭 but good also coz she might cry if she see us out without bringing her..
Daddy say he regret didn't put her to sleep last night, he misses his princess already #clingydad

Surprising I sleep really well last night hopefully sleep well for following days coz this trip is meant for SLEEP!

This is really a short weekend trip..hope we get to eat . shop . sleep as much as we can!

Forced by the Husband to wear matching shoe, his reason comfy for me to walk..#toopratical but I bring along another flat with me to match other outfit

Things can't do when travel with baby
1. use mobile nonstop- ✅
2. Selfie -✅
3. Wefie- later
3. Ootd- later
4. Proper make up- later after check in
5. Hold hand- not yet!?! Haha

Anything else?

My #instagramhusband is back

Overexposed and blur but don't care

Life update from my sis..😍 Chloe doesn't look happy hor but that's her default expression.. hope she have a good day!

We just landed! Can't wait to check in but the queue at immigration is so so long!!!

Finally checked in! I forget how bad is bangkok jam..
We choose Hotel Muse this round

The executive room is quite spacious, the main reason I picked this hotel is the interior and concept, it's not very convenient but they provide tutu service to nearby bts station (10min walk)

Love this vintage design vanity table + basin

Open concept

Pantry in a vintage looking cupboard

Complementary high tea buffet at hotel lounge just in time coz we are starving

Make up done! Bad hair day today don't know how to fix my hair although I curl it but still look messy should really do something with the bleach end 😅

One of the reason I'm in Bangkok – After you!! In fact hub miss it too although he's not a dessert person

Wagyu beef noodle at Siam Paragon! Really eat non stop

Waiting hub doing his shopping at his usual boutique always here to buy his shirt and pant

End of shopping – this is how my Husband look like.. only first day lo I didn't even shop much..only brought 1 top for myself, 2 pants for him, a toy for Chloe, some Christmas gift

How wanna see the boring loots ?

Suppose to go to vertigo and moon bar but we are late for our reservation so gotta cancel it..and off to massage, the famous one we plan to go is fully booked.. 😂 hopefully we can find a decent one nearby

Found one just next to our hotel food massage for 270bath only cheap cheap ka .. also went to book another session at the famous one for tomorrow..

👶🏼: Mummy I also went shopping today

Missing my baby already please sleep well today with popo

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