That's me today I'm rushing non stop! Now on the way to airport pick up my mum and sis finally have chance to catch a breathe..

All because of the trip! Hope I don't left out anything..

Before baby woke up write all the notes and paste it everywhere in the house for my mum and Sister.. my mum take care of Chloe on her own for few hour everytime she's here or we are back..but Chloe routine always change so better write down everything just in case..

In the kitchen we have instruction in making milk and bottle guide

Living room: TV rules and how to turn on smart tv for video

Guest room (where most of Chloe's stuff are store) : 1. diaper bag list to pack when they bring Chloe out

2. Left medical card and thermometer if Chloe is sick due to her vaccination and guide to see the paed

Also a schedule of Chloe's routine for them as guide.. I'm ok if they don't follow so this is just for reference..

Actually I'm quite confident my mum can handle Chloe well, but this is the first time I left her more than 6 hours.. i hope I wouldn't regret tomorrow when I go on board 😅

I keep telling myself how much I need this trip last month when I was worn out so don't think about it just enjoy..

…back to my day

☀️So noon I received an email from Apple telling me my phone is ready for collection! Yeah mean I can have my phone for the trip.. faster I cheong to plz sing of coz lugging Chloe along.
They told me my phone can't be fixed! ( heart sank! Okie now I'm here to collect a broken phone is it?!) appearantly they provide an exception to replace a new phone for me with the 250 I paid for the display instead of 650.. yeah so 250 for brand new phone!

After that rush back home..

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