Insomnia again!?!?! Why o why?!?
Baby sleeping so well, hub sleep in living room coz he's having cough scare will wake us up if he cough middle of the night so I have the whole bed by myself also cannot sleep well! Argh hate myself..

Daddy is on cc leave today at least I have help at home. . Bringing this baby out to get money change then a quick lunch

Sporty look for today she's gonna outgrown this pair of adidas her popo buy for her must wear more..

What a hot day give a bath and change into cooling home wear for vaccination which is the main reason daddy on leave later
Not even rest at all and now have to head out again
Wearing cotton on vest and baby gap short

Update on growth
Head circumstances :90 percentile
Weight: 25 percentile
Height: 10 percentile 😂
Nurse say she is growing but in her own slow way.. haiyo slow until I worry , please grow faster Chloe
She had her mmrV today cried awhile after needle poked on her!!

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