Wean from breastfeeding

15 months 2 weeks

Marked the end of breastfeeding journey with my firstborn! This happen quite suddenly and unplanned but Thank God it's really his timing.. a day before Chloe still latching 3 times as usual, Husband as me to try me try to not offer her boob see if she will look for IT or not..

Surprisingly Chloe never ask for 'Neh Neh' eversince that day!

It's been 2 weeks, she wean from breastfeeding! Hub was the one who put her to sleep every night just in case I will remind her of neh neh.. then nap time so happen we are out most of the days so she slept in tula or fall asleep herself in crib after half a day out..

Really Thank God this wean process happen without tears and frustration.. which I been worried about ..maybe she already doesn't need it anymore just that I keep offering so she's like 不喝白不和😂

Our initial plan was to wean her this weekend when me and hub are off for our parent getaway, so it's kinda forcefully make it happen.. since I'm away no milk hope she will forget about it within 3 days! But I keep worry what if she keep whine for milk? what if my mum cannot handle her? What if she doesn't take fm in bottle or cup?

I'm sure I wouldn't enjoy the trip with so many worries! But all is well! She drink her milk quite well these few day even whine for it if I'm slow preparing

And finish it within 30 min on her own! That was a big improvement compare to a week ago

She need 1 hour to finish a bottle of 180ml of milk

Been 3 months since we introduce formula to her, start with one feed of 50ml per day and gradually increase amount and feed.. but this girl is really strong willed don't want mean don't want! Shout cry, whine.. then we use bottle, slippy cup, straw, cup everything! Non works then really no choice and I gave in let her watch 📺 to distract her then slowly feed her spoon by spoon.. I need 1 hour per feed to coax her to finish a cup of milk..

Hard work pay off now she need her distraction to drink but duration getting shorter.. so she have 3 screen time per day when she have her milk!

Why I insist feeding her formula?

Our paed and a church member who also a Paediatrician commented Chloe is really small size compare to toddler of her age.. bf may not be sufficient for her anymore which got me really worried coz from her growth percentile she drop from 50 to 25 and her weight grow so slow since 9 months 😭

And she did gain back and weight and grow taller after taking fm for sometimes and hope she continue to grow

What I miss about breastfeeding?

Although just 2 weeks but there's some thing I miss from bf which Chloe and I can fall asleep faster! I used to latch her then sing a lullaby she go in lalaland in few min.. and I can fall asleep fast too! But now hub need more time to pay her to sleep at night and I have trouble falling asleep or if I woke up middle of the night i need longer time to go back to sleep 😴

The bonding is still there

And I guess it's never goes away! Now we have a new bedtime routine: cuddle and hug!
She would lay on my chest listen to my heartbeats and I'll whisper to her today summary or things we gonna the next day.. sometimes she would look at me when I talk or give me a kiss.. why so sweet ok you no need to sleep liao haha kidding..I enjoy this then bf for now.. coz it's whole new level of bonding for us

What I learn from breastfeeding

How stubborn I am.. it's doesn't start off smoothly for us.. my supply was really low first few week in fact my baby lose some weight even she was born at 2.6kg at wk40.. everyone (except hub) told me give fm but I refused yes I might put my baby at risk hor! Now when If u ask me actually it's ok to top up! No harm don't so stress hahaha..
With God's grace Chloe was exclusively bf till 12 months and she seldom sick if she's ill within 2 days she will recover..

Keep latching was only thing in my mind, milk cow all day err day and this was her at 2 months I miss the chubby Chloe! This proved to my folks that my daughter have enough milk and they finally stop asking me to supplement her with fm

Even though nursing became easy enough by the sixth month, it was a very hard-fought road to get there!

There's time I hated breastfeeding

it took a lot of work, pain, time, loss of sleep and selflessness just to keep bf! Interrupted sleep very 3 hour for sp many months drive me nuts! Some nights I wished I never start this blood/sleep sucking journey..no good sleep I fell sick every month without fail!

I missed sleep so much till now I still do even she sleep through, I can't sleep like how I used to before baby was born! In fact I have sleeping problems now insomnia always come to me! No concealer can conceal my really bad dark eye circle..

But Breastfeeding is one of the very best things I’ve ever done.Full stop.

One of my greatest achievements in life so far. I hope I can continue breastfeed my future babies

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