co-dayre :: playdate in town

Today is going to be a good day! Was about to step out of the house and my sis apps me said she will drop us off at Orchard forum.

I signed LX up for the holiday program at Julia Gabriel for this week cause I'm on leave and the date coincide. So instead of staying at home might as well bring her to have fun else usually she will coop up at home with her cousins and mum. guilt of a working mum. 😂 anyone had this guilt too? #dayremummies

Guess what is she doing? I'm letting her watch her fav Chinese children worship songs else she will be sticky glue to me. Following me everywhere I go! Even in the kitchen also want hold my legs 😂

And and today! We are trying out the co-Dayre function with @kiminpink. Guess she is busy preparing baby Chloe and herself now cause we are having play date after the class.

Rise and shine! While lexin and @winniechia already heading out.. Chloe just woke up, ready to start the day!

Every morning first thing to do talk to the bunny.. luckily mummy get ready before she woke up if not for sure we will be late..

Breakfast for mummy and baby
Cheerios + blueberries Chloe get excited every time she see this

class is starting but she is a little sleepy! 😳

Twining in grey and white today
On baby:
Jumpsuit: next
White tee: Zara

On mummy
Grey top: bershka
White culottes: the editor's market

is snack time and she is munching on krispies to train motor skills… enjoying much!

We didn't sign up for holiday program but this the reason we are in town today.. get my iPhone fixed! It decided to suddenly blackout and couldn't be power on anymore last week..😭😭😭
Hopefully we got it fixed today

done with class. selfie with sticky baby! we are on the way to meet you now auntie Kim 😂

supposed to have lunch now but she is sleeping 😌 the class exhausted all her energy..

Grumpy coz waited too Long for me to get my phone fixed

finally off mama duties for the day! time to dayre…we had lunch at DTF. It's the kids favourite noodles soup. Baby Chloe is so sweet! She leaned towards her mama when I asked her to take photo.

woke LX up to have lunch cause is already 2pm. I cooked her lunch – rice, salmon and broccoli and top up with noodles 🍝 which is her fav.

It's shopping time!!
First stop :Seed heritage
Chloe found her bunny there and wouldn't let go.. haha someone obviously not camera ready

👶🏻: mummy! Let's buy this!

👶🏻: which one nice argh?
👶: This panty nice!

shopping kaki like their mummies

Made them stand in the display for photos haha look like little mannequin, they are having sales but still in tagging process manage to score a denim short for Chloe

They are wearing same design of pediped both mummy agree among all the shoes we brought, pediped still the best ! Comfy and easy to wear only thing is they love to take off their shoes themselves


Second Stop: Cotton On Kids
Spotted these 2 wooden high chairs and it comes in handy! Can just put them inside while we do some quick shopping..

👧🏻 hey.. what shall we do? how do we get out!
👶🏻 wait…let me think of a solution.

then gave them some clothes to self entertain but failed. It only lasted for a few minutes before they started shouting for us.

caught in action! this naughty LX went to pull Chloe's clothes and she cry out loud..

👶🏻 oops! stop crying already! if not my mama gonna scold me for making you cry.

Final stop: H&M
Finally bought LX to try out the boots for our upcoming trip to Taiwan. All the winter clothes are on discount..very worth the buy! Managed to lug home this pair of boots and beanie cap.

Whenever I put Hairband or pin on her head she tends to pull them off. But this beanie she tried very hard to take them off but eventually she gave up and wore it to the cashier. We are both laughing at her cause she looks so cute and funny in the beanie 😂

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