Was suppose to go for trial class at blue house but this girl having a flu so daddy say better keep her at home don't spread virus to other kids

She still very active as usual.. this morning playing dress up.. theme: taitai day out!

Her love for bags is real I brought few bento bag from daiso for her to carry around.. she enjoy putting things in the bag carry it around then dig those bags like she found treasure although that's what she put it in herself #simplejoy

My toddler still looking like a baby (maybe to me only) 😂 Love dressing her more especially she started to walk also can take more ootd photo
We are go cafe hopping nearby our house She wearing stripe singlet from cotton on, crochet short from Zara, scallop flat from next..mummy made the bow to match with her outfit

Can take #fromwhereistand photo together 😂

I'm more active in ig stories these days coz it's fast and no need to write any caption the only downside is cannot view back but I'll save everything I post for memory sake

That's her mid way feeding me ice cream also help herself with some that's how cheeky she is.. btw that's was Chloe's first ice cream! Yala we are asshole parent baby is sick still let her eat ice cream but just a bit should be no harm

Her signature pose whenever you ask her to pose she will do that 😅

Brought a xylophone for Chloe but turn out daddy mummy playing the most we challenge each other to play a song.. hub is now very good at playing amazing grace on xylophone 😂 very bo liao

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