Good to be home!
Had dinner at in law after touch down then this morning brunch with my family.. My Chloe the energizer bunny never fuss to nap or sleep despite having just one hr of morning nap yesterday, she was so active till 10.30pm last night when I put her to down only she goes to sleep 😭 she now never fuss for nap or cranky when tired lo so it's Super hard to get her nap when she's out, as long as she get to play she's fine! Don't know good or bad 😭

Parent off duties!

Suppose to go for hair appointment but decided last min that me and hub should spend this precious time better rather then me sitting in the salon having him wait for me do nothing but look at the phone..

The last time when we have chance to go out was on May! That was 5 months already..😭
We always try to spend times together after Chloe went to bed at night for movie or just chat but it always turn out..

Like that 👆🏻

Or like that 👆🏻 doing our own things..that's the reality 😂 is it just us? Our problem?

With my love

The Fat Fish after hearing so much rave about this place! Really 👍🏻👍🏻

#Instagramhusband back in action, he used to take all my ootd photos now he hold diaper bag or baby or stroller more than the camera

We are home after 4 hr of quality time spend together all recharged and can't wait our Daughter! But she was out with grandparent for dessert 😂


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