Check out her beethoven look my sis say she look like beethoven with end of her hair curled up like that(we don't even how Beethoven look lor)she have this curls on the end of her hair it's obvious when her hair is wet I think she got it from her daddy's side

Anyway been neglecting this platform for sometimes for many reasons mainly coz my hands are always full this little girl of mine keep looking up for me ask me to play with her or carry her or full with house chores or cooking #lifeofsahm

I also try not to use phone in front of her, then when she nap or sleep my phone will be playing white noise 😭😭 no choice no extra phone.not today because it's raining thanks God for natural white noise..So I can have my phone back yo *kiss phone*

Chloe have been waking up at 2 or 3am crying asking to be nurse, after months of sleeping through till 6am! Not sure it's grow spurts,sleep regression or the MMR jab I don't know which but I cannot function with lack of sleep anymore

This was my sleeping result month ago when she only wake up for feed at 6am now I think it's really bad and I don't want to know

We gonna re-train her to sleep again after making sure she is not unwell due to her jab.. Why never ending one hor.. Brought her a bunny from jellycat hoping it turn to be her lovelies soon, previously we though it's her bolster but she suddenly hate it so much whenever I gave it to her she immediately throw it away and continue to cry.. Hopefully Bunny be her new Best Friend! Her naps was bad too! Sometimes she go with no nap at all I can spend whole afternoon trying to coax her, nurse her

Let her cry blah blah every method but she just refused to take her nap! really have get her back to her routine before I turn crazy..with no helps and she doesn't nap I got no time to prepare my own meal or dinner for Husband, I'm so exhausted chasing her around the house oh did I mention we decide not to put her in play pen anymore and that's mean she can roam around the house freely..And she love to go to places like the walk in closet area, kitchen and toilets 😭 chasing her around is not fun

Sorry for all the rants, please bear with me..

Ok conclusion train her to self sooth again and back to routine!

Maybe not end of my rant yet! Another problem- EATING
She is such a fussy eater or maybe she just don't like to eat at all.. Whenever the spoon goes near her mouth she will turn away no matter what you feed her or she will give you face open her mouth but never shallow it then choose a timing to spill everything out! Sometimes she can reject the whole bowl or porridge or pasta without taking any bite 😂 this drive me nuts too! Don't eat never mind have to clean up mess some more!

Then we try finger food let her pick her own food and eat it's seems to work for now after 2 days of trying now I regret never do blw.. 😭 she been eating much these days hopefully it's works forever!
So this was her breakfast this morning banana, blueberries, whole meal bread and hard boiled egg

What left behind and some on the floor.. I'm so happy I wanna cry *dramamama

Please eat like that Everyday ok

Very into twining with her lately I buy clothes that can match her outfit or buy her clothes that can twin with mine haha #siaomum

Mummy's outfit from Minkpink, Eclecticism and Chloe's from babyGap

Love her expression here haha why so shock!
Chloe's outfit
Peterpan top : Gingersnaps
Crochet short: Zara kids

Mummy's top and bottoms from Editors market

Wake up from nap with crazy hair switch on aircon for her to nap still can wake up sweat like that 😂👍🏻 mum is coming over tomorrow till Sunday !! Yeah to help and free hands and mum-cook meals! And I miss my Mother!


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