This baby woke us up at 8.30 on a Saturday morning..😭 oh why today! Try to pat her back to sleep but she no choice but to put her in playpen to prepare breakfast and let daddy sleep a little more

Breakfast for baby unpresentable banana pancake! Hope she likes it

Wrap for daddy and mummy run out of avocado so just tomato and honey bake ham's gonna be very dry 😂

Verdict of the banana pancake? She hate it! Refuse to take a whole plate of pancake went in daddy mummy's tummy

She prefer banana only, waste my effort again

Usual Saturday routine groceries shopping, refuse to stand and let me take her ootd photo

Daddy say this romper blend too well with her bedsheet and made her take a photo with it

Quick groceries done, Chloe only fell asleep when we about to reach home

Already don't know what to buy when you always go to same supermarket always ended up with same things 😖

This greeted us at the door iimo tricycle, yeah to new toy.. Every month sure got new stuff to buy for her.. Perks of first born I guess but bad for my bank

Takeaway lunch for us when we don't know what to eat dianxiaoer is our comfort food same food same outlet.. beehoon for me and hub fav duck rice

I'm having lunch alone, we decide let her sleep on Tula because later someone gonna come to service the aircon in the room so daddy enjoy his Movie on Netflix while me eat and dayre

Baby is awake hub is feeding her porridge while I doing decoration work for church event next week.. Been a while since we serve, cannot be lazy liao
Reuse the deco I use for Chloe cake smash so we can help to save some Budget


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