Garden tea party theme birthday party

Finally! photos of the party are edited also received some mostly on the deco from nextbigthing
Dessert table and photo area.. really happy with the outcome exactly what shyyi shown in moodboard or maybe nicer than what i imagine
i think it suit the theme very well too! my friends was telling me even my own wedding also don't have flower arch 😖

Birthday cake, not a fan of fondant cake so we option for naked cake Shyyi got this baker ig: pehstry to bake it i didn't manage to have a bite but hubby say it's nice.. size was just nice coz guest was stuffed with food and dessert from the buffet spread so we have force everyone to eat it..

Dessert are nicely crafted by foretblanc yes craft like an art pieces many guest ask me are these edible

I reached the café an hour before the party, plaining to helped a little but when I stepped in everything was done by shyyi and her team! I got nothing to kepo

these paper flowers are big love too

Beautiful porcelain tea set, i think my friend buay paiseh went to shyyi and ask where she got it from

Escort board for seat arrangement wedding or what! hahah just for fun lar..
find things to do only coz have to keep changing and checking are the guest coming

seat with name for everyone… thought extra work but quite fun and guest tell me they feel special..

fresh flowers for table centerpiece

Seat for the birthday girl but empty all the time she never have a chance to sit down been carry around
she arrived later with my parent coz she woke up a little late from her nap so my mum have to fed her lunch before the party

👶🏻: Welcome to my party!

looking shy here coz everyone was taking pictures for her

blur but don't care

after most of the guest have their food is cake cutting session!
it's our first time using this sparkle candle quite scare it gonna burst or something hence we camped one corner
but Chloe look very happy here

I keep signalled the husband to stand beside the baby so we look balance in the photo but he was too focus on singing birthday song to his daughter.. later he defence this position is prefer coz he always the back support for us.. #lame

Blessing prayer by our pastor

with my parent

Hubby's family

Family in christ really miss serving in church with this bunch

uni buddy mummy was in here coz chloe only want popo to carry

with @cathykhu and @chanwon hope you are there @sharonbee and our first time meeting baby wayne he is a calm baby sleep throughout the party

and our VIP the Seng family from sg @winniechia glad that Chloe's 101 friend Lexin got to attend her party

cute photo of little lexin

with my other half.. actually this party is for us also to celebrate our first year parenthood hence the effort! Thanks for being so supportive Husband and a hand on daddy, I think our relation grow even stronger! And also to make up for my regret of not having dessert table for my wedding hahaha..

Happy first momiversary to myself!

with her favorite person her popo
not sure what she eating here..but she was fed a MACARON by my dad…#speechless

only picture with mummy
glad everything turn out well guests praised the food, decoration was so on point and everyone turn enjoy their toy in the party packs..
really Thanks God!

Thanks shyyi and her team from nextbigthing for all the effort! Without them we wouldn't have such a pretty party Hubby was really impressed with their service and ask me to send flower to her as an appreciation..really highly recommend them..

To my birthday girl!
Welcome to toddlerhood but you will forever be our baby! Love you to moon and back

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