Heading to church!
Today is white top and jeans kind of day for us please pardon our morning face

Chloe's top from chubby chubby at eclecticism little shopaholic pop up store! Today is last day already faster go shop if you haven't!
Jeans from Zara

Mission try to put the baby to sleep in Sunday school after service

After 15mins: FAIL
She just doesn't fall asleep easily when we are out 😖😖

And she only nap once on weekend.. 😂

Order this immediately from Lazada after reading @sweetpea post about Laneige lip sleeping mask! (Missed the discount code😂) My lip keep peeling off since last week no matter how much water I drink or what lip balm I apply just doesn't help, hope this heal my lip problem! Order one product also got few samples.. 👍🏻👍🏻 delivery was fast too take about 2 days to reach me after order made! Gonna use it tonight and see whether it works

Bringing this critter out to nearby mall for grocery run

Daddy say her double eyelid is very obvious in this picture

Practice walking

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