What a good way to start on weekend! I've woke up since 9am waiting my princess and Husband to wake up.. thinking should I go down and tabao breakfast or wait for them..

Decide not to go alone and sit in front of the pc do some online shopping and cart out a shoe, 2 pants and a top for myself 😂😂 my me time is dangerous ..now I should go edit photos from the party to avoid more money spend..

too kiam to hire photographer so I ask my sisters to help to take photos on that day..so now I have to edit them myself..

Somebody is up at 10.30am 😂 got baby sleep till so late one a? she slept at 10 last night woke up once at 6.30 for milk and fall back asleep! Playing with her new toy that we just revealed it to her last night..lets see how soon she will get bored of it!
Really love ELC toys nicely designed with sturdy wooden material

Heading out for breakfast and marketing

Baby know how to say gaigai now

Mummy off duties!! Waiting @winniechia to pick me up for our dinner date without Husband and baby!

Wharf Oyster Bar & Seafood for oyster feast coz both our Husband don't fancy oyster

So beautiful

Yay to oyster!!

So fresh and so good to eat it with truffle oil and tabasco sauce

Look very happy here, good to have outing once in a while without Husband and baby

Thanks for the night!! Really enjoy talking with you!

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