Coloured my hair few days ago, this time something different highlight of different shade of brown, after a few wash it turn light and and light 😭😭
I think my next Color will be dark brown or black, too light this round a little regret 😭


Oh hai ootd! Long time no see..
Top : J.O.A from Eclecticism
Denim short: taobao
Sandal & bag: Sister's
Good to be home so I can attack my sister's closet

Driving alone to airport now to pick up hubby and our VIPs
Jam jam jam I hate u

Mummy what are these for?

Party is tomorrow!

Photos collage, my mum asked her staff to do up the frame now still rather empty on the edges will put some flowers to deco it later

Milestone visual printed quite huge Color not as bright ler coz the lady at print shop say they don't have other paper material for A2 size so no choice..

Party pack for kids!
Green for boys.. There will be around only 10 kids and babies in the party so I can do bit of customisation on the gift selection and tags with their name

Pink for girls

Brought this Mother garden tea party set to entertain the girls

That's all from my side!
Pray that everything turn out well tomorrow 🙏🏻

Plane landed but I'm still stuck in jam not even half way there!! Argh Now I remember how much I hate KL traffic

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