We went to zoo last Saturday with Seng family!!
Its hub's first time to go to Singapore Zoo he was way excited than the the babies.. Singapore zoo bring me a lot childhood memories! My Father brought zoo annual pass (we lived in JB when we are young) we would go to zoo every one or 2 months till we get bored and have to stop him from buying pass for another year..

Mummies have them dress in most appropriate outfit for zoo complete with hat! Haha ended up one look like going for war another going to hospital

They look blur most of the times there haha! Lexin only interested in human and Chloe only look at animal when you point it to her


We made them stand there to take picture together

But these two still doesn't interact with each other yet always doing their own thing😭

And very hard to have them both smile at the camera

Come Chloe take a picture

But they will take turn to annoyed each other! Haha I Guess that's explain their friendship

Hello goat! Our mummy too kiam to buy food for us to feed u..Sowie

Daddy busy looking at the map to check if we missed out any animal
👶🏻: daddy I'm tired lets go home

Lovely family, outing with them is always fun!

@winniechia and baby lexin

Must take a photo with polar! Somebody is not looking at the camera

Messy hair don't care!

We even made it to the water park!

Overexposed don't care she looks like she was having fun

We will be back soon!

Oh and today is this pretty girl birthday!!! Happy birthday buddy! Thanks for being such a caring Friend to me and my family!! Have a blast with your love ones.. Hugs @winniechia

Haih we used to look so pretty *ownself say* thick skinned I know but at least much prettier than how we look now haha now we grow dark eye circle together! We know each other from One Way ticket she and bd was our first client from SG, I did her shoot styling and make up! How amazing our friendship continue to grow..
Thanks God for you my dearest Friend

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