First Saw this konMari thingy from cheeserland's blog then trending here in dayre..and I got motivate to #konmari our really messy wardrobe, I think the last time I arranged our drawers was before Chloe born crazy Long ago! After she born I don't even have time or chance to do so ok she is such a sticky baby, still a sticky one today..

It took me 3 days to finish tidy up mine and baby's closet plus her changing table.. Husband's one not yet..haha always in Low priority #poorhusband

So how I do it with a clingy baby? I do it drawer by drawer moving each section of clothes to living room on the sofa next to her playpen.. So she play her toys while I fold my clothes..when She concentrate I then sneak away to put the folded clothes back to the drawer till she realised i was away and shouting for me #cyclerepeat till I got tired running around 😭😭😭
that's why I need 3 days to just finish with these I think I need a month to tidy up the whole house with this progress

Too excited to start when I finally remember to take a before picture I'm already done most of the drawers 😭
So this is the hanging area for 'nicer' clothes before this there's still dresses I wore when I'm pregnant ok! Now all went into bag till next pregnancy or never see the sun again, if you get what I mean 😂

Drawer #1
Home clothing and for grocery shopping at most reachable level #lifeofsahm 😭😭

Drawer #2
For weekend: right are tops arranged accordingly to color and left are bottoms

So all this result a full bag of clothes that I don't wear anymore mostly crop top and short that I'm crazy with before I got pregnant.. Throw or sell?!?

Baby's drawer! Before this is bursting of clothes! Hub nagged me for stop buying clothes for her but after I kept those outgrown one, now she left so little clothes to wear! Poor girl, time to buy Liao! 😭😭 should have start #konmari earlier!!

We live in a mess before this! #failsahm

Changing table!
Another messy area full of stuff Chloe play and throw everywhere when we get her changed..
Kept some unused headband, hats, socks and mittens she outgrown so much neater now!

Arrange stuff according to daily need, diapers, wipes, cream and lotion at place easily reach..

Okie here a before photo of Hub's drawer that's how we arrange our clothes just stack them together! So lazy!
And it's so hard to find clothes ok! There's so many times I got fed up digging clothes I wanted to wear end up all the folded clothes got mess up.. With the #konmari method is so much easier to find clothes at one glance! So genius!

Suppose to go to town but the weather make me feel like camping at home!!

Sun come out so we are heading to town for quick shopping

Selfie because I paint my face today instead of usual yellow face women look..

Wearing #tcl romper.. xs fit nicely on me but another top which I got in xs was way too tight I can barely breathe!

Went Eclecticism to check out their new arrival and bravely went fitting room with. Baby in the stroller 😭 one of the set I tried on this Minkpink in very special color combination! But I'm a boring person i choose another set in stripe which I will wear more often

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