Party planing

Chloe's Party in less three weeks!
Things that we've done
✅ sent invitation and get everybody rsvp
✅ informed cafe final number of guest
✅ milestone board design
✅ cake design
✅ design for some table mat and welcome card (by Shyyi)
✅ favour for party pack

Need to be done
❌ Chloe's outfit
❌ waiting for cafe to come back with propose table arrangement
❌ seat arrangement for escort board (for shyyi)
❌ select photos to print
❌ party pack wrapper and toys in shipment
❌ diy photo collage

Most headache part: Theme of the party

I have hard time deciding one!
So far I haven't seen any repeated party theme in #dayremumies post I read ler!Every mummy really put effort on selecting theme for their little ones!

Cartoon or character theme not suitable for Chloe coz we never let her watch any cartoon so she don't like any character or look like one 😹

Color theme in mind was pink, gold, or anything pastel coz I like, like my party hor so I went and pinned all sort of party theme ideas I like and let Shyyi help me with it

Party theme : Garden tea party! We are having the party in late afternoon so Shyyi from thenextbigthing suggest a garden tea party after going thru some ideas I pinned

Quite appropriate and very girly, I like it so we proceed without any delay! The only things is we are not having the party in garden but a cafe 😅

This visuals from Shyyi I just add the party details below.. I did another design previously and send out before she send me this 😭 I think this look nicer! Haha fickle minded

Moodboards and dessert table arrangement she send me! Got really excited after seeing things seems to pull together well..
She keep me update from time to time and chase after me for things I've been delaying 😭 good lar! If not I keep slacking..

The frame and bottle she spray paint in a nice shade of pink!

Desserts and cakes are handled by her too.. I send her, the design I want and she went and find baker to do it! Wah first time feel like a boss..Coz I always the designer doing things mah

Shyyi send me some design element and font so our design look consistent for the party.. And I did this the milestone board! And enjoy do it so much.. love the outcome too bit! Haha #shioksendiri miss designing so much! Thinking should I do customise milestone board for extra income! Lai lai Lai mummies please give me business 😍

Also hopefully I remember to bring the file back to print! If not effort go down to drain

Ya right so much effort for a baby birthday, my own wedding also too kiam to hire someone to do deco 😂

Never mind first baby, first birthday and first year parenthood..for memory sake..#selfcomforting

so far everything still under Budget that my boss aka the Husband gave to me..but I left out activities area for kids till my bestie reminded me last night! #fail Guess I need to fork some money out from my side now..😂

Btw hope everything turn out well on the party *fingercrossed*

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