ANNOUCMENT :: Eclecticism Giveaway Winner!

Time to announce giveaway winner for this S$200 Eclecticism Shopping voucher!

@verineee @jujuma @churra @happystar @mayeeedelwoo @razorliketears @joycelynau @jamiewfm @missunshine @zengting @aspiringhsewife @misswee @wwwandaaa @minipooh86 @zinaang @inqiue @xhuiyux @cherylli @xueping @lynnettechua @iris_152 @mrshanyao @hellobutterscotch @MamaGX @mrswong @conniecyb @tshiwei @amyadrina @lilmissunshinee @cherlichang @mydestinee @SarangAyo @felicia15 @winniechia @charmmy3030 @onceuponstar @increamed @cherchyi @pingu78 @lynnashley @ongannie @iluvccy @kendrafrances @cforcel @cdismylove

Thank you ladies participated in this Giveaway! at first actually I scare no one want to join later malu..but who know so many of you take part in it! THANKS!!



Congratulations! you won yourself a S$200 Eclecticism Shopping Voucher!

And for the rest of you who’ve participated Thanks again for joining I wish there's more Giveaway to share with you girls in future!!

please leave me your email @razorliketears for how to use the voucher 🙂

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