July haul

Spending quite a bit this month, gonna ban myself from shopping next month onwards…

Skincare //my skincare products almost finished so got my sister to buy this back for me from Korea, hope it works wonder on my dull skin..

Running shoe // can't remember when I brought my last pair of proper sport shoe maybe 5 years ago..haha hubby brought his Nike Free RN last month and wear to work everyday abandon all his other shoes keep convincing me how comfy it is..tho he paid for it but still my money haha coz "his money is my money and my money is my money“

and tadaah most expensive stuff among the loots
Birthday gifts from us to Miss Chloe first birthday from ELC
went there with winnie and bingda the other day but couldn't decide to get or not coz its really expensive toy (to us) but when we went paragon with family last week they say price okay what buy lar! hahah and money gone! at least not that ex with the 3 for price of 2 promo lar..and we really really like wooden toys
planning to show it to her after her birthday

Gifts for the family this are baby clothes for my niece from Fox, they are having biggest sales ever (accordingly to the SA maybe she cheat me) is 50% + 20 % off I never buy their stuff coz its really basic designs.. But my Father is the one who found this offer he brought 5 pcs home wear for Chloe around $38 so one around 7-8bucks the material is not bad! So we went and buy another 5 for our Niece too

okie these are gifts from sisters who came back from Bangkok..
dress and flower crown for Chloe, a top for me and 2 t-shirt for the husband (not in picture)
arh I miss Bangkok I miss after you..

puffs and snacks from iherbs that part of Chloe's birthday party pack.. Chloe love the Ella kitchen puff very much so I stock up more for her

My new clothes of the month I didn't realise all in WHITE until I put them together for this photo..
a short, off shoulder top, eyelet top from taobao crop top and a culottes from Editors Market

Mummy I think you better stop spending if not me and daddy gonna eat glass liao..

laying out my buys in a post make me guilty too lar..so I better start shopping ban next month and start saving..but how I don't know as @onceuponastar said every month sure have new things to buy 😂

Luckily I say shopping ban start next month so I can still go to 'Little Shopaholic' pop-up store at Eclecticism!

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