Family went back KL, hubby go back to work!

Back to usual programming😭😭😭

Wake up at 945am together with baby blame the good weather to sleep in..

Here's some video I took few weeks back of Chloe doing some things she like

Clap clap clap 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


Twinkle twinkle little star

Another one

Where's the fan..

When she angry..😡

We found a lump on the back of Chloe's neck few weeks ago

Us or maybe just me being so positive thinking it may be gone in few weeks time since baby doesn't even bother or feel pain when we touch or gentle press it so I kinda ignore it, hubby was the one who first discover it and then monitor day by day

It is still there after 3 weeks and we got worried, it's not big slightly bigger than a peas size and moveable.

When my mum was here I try to get her to touch it but the lump just went disappear so she say we are too sensitive

The night after family went home, we feel it again at the same spot the movable lump on Chloe's neck

So I brought her to our paed nearby my place

Guess what doctor say is pretty normal after she examine the bump on the neck she say is lymph node. Her system was reacting to something or fighting against some infection, so nothing to worry or can be done.. It may or may not goes away as long as she doesn't feel pain when we press on it or enlarge so phew.
Thanks GOD!


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