Family are here for Raya holiday.. Baby get a lot of attentions!

So I'm off mummy duties today left baby at home with grandparent and I'm out with sistersss!

We went Isetan for food hunting

Our lunch

Fix my craving for this strawberry cream cake!! So heavenly~~~

With Sister zhi @huizhi95 who come back from Korea for summer break

When you have kakis is Editors market time!
Zara shirt, short from Taobao and sneaker from Zara oh and clutch from @cathykhu !! Still remember haha

Love this color combination but don't like this top design look on me

This girl with her favorite tea she have to drink this whenever she's at ion

Love the packaging, but I'm not a fan of tea or coffee or anything make me can't sleep I try to avoid them

Blue and white outfit for everyone! Perks of having sisters

Dinner with family! Waiting our daddy driver to pick us up

Baby help to hold grandpa ahlong's purse tight tight

Grandma send Chloe on a police car ride when daddy and mummy went for quick shopping at mothercare

Dinner at imperial treasure Peking duck.. Always wanted to come but a Peking duck for just two of us are bit too much so here we are with family

Candid of Mummy trapping baby on the high chair (getting tired of this caption thingy)

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