Family portraits by One Way Ticket

Awhile ago I think when Chloe was 7 months old, we did a family portraits with One Way Ticket!

Speaking of OWT they did really well now, so proud of them! Each set of photos surprise me..miss those days we work together for each shooting..

Btw we received the photos last month but photos are too high res to post in dayre and I'm lazy to resize them..super love the outcome But I love anything monochrome lar haha hope you don't mind me spamming the photos here

Chloe look like grow up here! Haha so cute
She refuse to smile at he beginning of the shoot coz she just woke up from her nap so she need sometimes to warm up

Feeling comfortable to have shooting with familiar face no awkward moment!

Chloe solo! Playing with props so she can sit still

Miss those chubby cheeks!! She slowly losing her baby fats 😭😭

Hairband: mummy handmade
Stipe top: Seed Heritage
Tutu legging: babyGap
Bunny flat: babyGap

Finally smiling!!
Love this photo of her!

Our little gift from above!

Mummy this is yummy!!! Let's bring this home

Haha she is posing with her leg here!

One with mummy..

Another with her superhero daddy..

And Yijun appear in the studio, they planned earlier to wear black so we all can have a photo to remember our 10 years friendship! We know each other in university, been thru sleepless night to rush assignment together, graduate together, find job, setting up one way ticket, getting married and now baby stage!

Thanks Shuwan and pin for this shoot! 😘 this mean a lot to us!!

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