Day in a life


My day start when this little one wake up at 9.25am normally! Actually she will wake up when daddy prepare to work but I'll latch her for her morning feed and she went back to sleep till 9.30 to 10a. somedays I'll wake up after her feed (if I can't sleep back) to have breakfast with hub or get some house chores done

So I'll make the bed and go brush my teeth leaving her in the cot play by herself..

If she doesn't whine or asking to be carry I'll get some work done, send the robot out to vacuum the house also throw in the laundry and prepare breakfast for both of us

10.30am she haven't cry yet then carry her out for breakfast

10.35am Breakfast for Chloe cereal + goat milk and blueberries as finger food also water

While she self feed I eat my breakfast

Cheese bake mushroom, piece of bread with butter spread and cranberry juice
Today bit fancy normally just toast with kaya and butter gotta finish these mushroom fast before they go bad

10.50am Finish food happy face! Hair, hand and her top all got cereal 😂

11.10am wash her up and place her in the play yard, normally she ok to put her there in the morning so I go prepare her porridge

Porridge today is cod fish + cauliflower + ikan bilis stock (anyhow cook) haha hope she eat

11.30am someone scream and fake cry asking for attention

Since I finish cooking so I go in the play yard to play with her she quickly stop crying and crawl to me

Favourite activities we do together I pass her the donut she put in one by one repeat till she get bored and change to other toys and play by herself

10.45am sneak to pc and reply some question to my event coordinator Shyyi,I can't decide which cake design to go with 😭😭😭

11.50am done with email let baby out to explore the house

Oh today is our 4th wedding anniversary!!
Thanks God for this amazing 4 years and many many beautiful years to come!

12.17pm time to nurse her before her first nap

12.40pm – down to nap now my #firstworldquestion should I nap too or prepare lunch for myself or have some me time??

2.30pm – still napping woke up twice but just pat her gentle she fall back asleep, I guess is true if I put her down in her cot awake she will sleep better maybe just wake up 1 or 2 time or none for 2 hour nap and easily sleep back with patting but if I place her in cot after sleep in my arm she will sure wake up crying angrily like I betray her or something and keep wanting to carry in order to fall back asleep

Me time

I didn't nap nor prepare my lunch, I spend my precious 2 hour browsing thru party pack ideas, shop at Taobao, chat with friends and also settle the cake design with Shyyi! And also finally send out an email to my boss telling her I'm not going back to work till Chloe turn 18 months! I've been dragged to sent this email put coz I scare I'll regret but I know my boss need an answer I cannot be so selfish!

2.45pm – woke up from nap looking blur

3pm – Time for lunch porridge turn out ok doesn't taste weird (where got baby eat so late hor but don't know lar this schedule seems work for both of us so just stick with it)

And mummy's unhealthy lunch once in a while 😋

Baby finish her lunch without fuss so when she rest in between the feed I faster eat my noodles

3.15pm – Video call with grandma after lunch

Have to hang out the laundry so bride her with her favourite biscuit so I can do my work in peace

3.45pm – happy baby after her bath

4.15 to 5.15pm play time roaming around house I have to jaga lembu when I think enough I'll place her in the play yard playing her toy.. When she realise I'm away she will cry or shouting for me #seperationanxiety 😂 so I hv constantly appear in front of her or talk to her if I'm in the kitchen

5.18pm time for milk and ready for second nap.. She need her nap every 3 hour on good days so she just drink n the go to nap but on bad days like yesterday I try all the method to put her to nap (rock, nurse, co sleep) but none work out after 40 min I give up she just refuse to sleep

5.50pm baby down to nap after pat pat pat for 5 min 😖 now I think I need a quick nap

7pm- daddy back and baby woke up from nap time for dinner!

Same as lunch for baby

Not cooking tonight coz we wanna try out the new salted egg burger and twisted fries!
Fries was good but burger is a no no..

8.35pm – family movie time!

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