what happening on June

Blow dust on my dayre~~
June is so pack and happening for us! Let me do a summary of what's happening..

Movie date

It's our 3rd movie date after Chloe born, ya 5 finger can count..first two was zootopia and jungle book.. We use to watch movie so much coz hub working in film industry now with Chloe it's impossible to catch movie together so often!
Since Sister Tien was here to help babysit so we manage to go for Warcraft movie premier hosted by hubby's company..Usually whenever a movie they involve launch the company will book a hall for the staff and their family to watch it together on movie launching day..

Parent duty free must wefie! I went out last minutes after settled baby to nap and dinner for my Sister by the time I reached everyone was seated.. It's free seated so first come first chop they go in a group from the office..

The movie was surprisingly good! I actually hate it at first rolled my eye when I heard hub say they doing a movie story from DOTA 😖 I don't like the game coz he kinda addicted to it last time.. But since he take part on the visual effect as a Wife I have to support right! Turn out not bad lar! Maybe I'm biased

And it's tradition for everyone to sit till the end of the credit! To look for their own name to be credited.. Right after his name appear we rush home coz the Sister was asking for help

When baby saw us at the door she immediately cry out loud!! Haiyo so kelian! She must be missing us (own self say) haha it's actually time for milk and bed! But we are starving so I fed her and put her to sleep and we had supper after that! Thanks God for Sister to help!

Visit ex-company

Also took the opportunity when Sister was here, my branding manager arranged a meeting with me and the new art director to talk about chances of me coming back.. First time there at Sephora digital office! So different and more cooperate now compare to Luxola office last time..
Feeling good and nostalgic meeting all my ex-colleagues missing the time we work together and pull thru all the crazy sales!

My lunch kaki last time @krystalistic who trying to convince me with all the benefit and new policy introduced!

I wish to go back to work force but we don't feel like putting Chloe with ifc or nanny! #overlyattached I know.. Maybe when she 18months or successfully weaning herself.. See how ~~~

Chloe first birthday party planning

Another 2 months Chloe is turning one..😊
Me and hubby (maybe only me) feel like throwing a proper party for her since we didn't do full moon or 100 days celebration for her..so poor thing hor

Will be doing it at KL where most our families and friends are.. So last months when I was back at KL we went recce for potential cafe to host the party..

Actually we had hard time deciding whether to do it at home or a cafe.If do at home most probably will be my Mum's place coz it's more convenient for the guest to come and can do house warming as well for my mum's new place.And my mil who don't like mafan may not want to host a party so ya my Mother place is the best option if we can't find a cafe.. Hosting it at home is good coz baby feel comfortable and we can take our own sweet time do decoration! Cost saving also cater buffet is much cheaper

But then we found out buffet cater in kl that we found need min 60pax if below that canopy, chair and table charge separately.. But I don't wanna invite so many people ler! My idea guest list is 40 only..very very close family and friends..
Hosting at house also mean the cleaning at your own risk! Don't want to give my mum extra work to do So have to hire part time cleaner.. Extra cost too
So we scrap the idea of hosting the part at home!

As for decoration!
I'm very glad to have Shyyi from next big thing (ig: @nextbigthing_byfinalfling) on board to taking charge of the party decoration!
Know her since uni time.. Really love her work for her own wedding and other party she did! Go to her ig if you wish to check out her works!

So we did a short brainstorm on the theme..and some discussion over fb messenger! I guess we good to go!
Just receive mood board from her last week!! So excited!!!!
Hope I get to update more on the preparation from time to time

Decoration is such a big part of a party and with her taking care of this! Now all I have to do is taking part of other little things! Let me list them down for my own reference

• birthday girl outfit
• party pack for kids
• select photos to print for display
• talk to baker on the birthday cake
• finalise guest list
• get invitation done

Anything else? Mummies with experience? Maybe source for my own outfit as well..

Wah like preparing a wedding like that!

Church camp

We are back from 4 days 3 nights church camp at Melaka on Monday! Thanks God we survived and manage to attend as much classes and activities that we could.. With a baby in church camp is joke man so tiring! But I keep questioning myself if we can bring her to travel then why not church camp right?!? This question make us decided to go also most importantly we need to grow spiritually as a family too!

Hub was serving on PA so most of the he was busy helping to record the talk also make sure the PA system work well so I'm alone with baby most of time in the conference hall..not too bad if she getting bored in the stroller I carry her out play with her or feed her snack she did whine for few times through the 4 session of teaching but still manageable everyone are understanding and patient with her..So I get to listen to all the talks and attend discussion coz that the time daddy took over

Other than God's word we also manage to get to know church members better too!

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