#throwback Saturday we went to art museum for an exhibition call Odyssey -Navigating Nameless Seas

I never thought i would enjoy so much! We follow the tour and the guide explained each of the art piece really well! The meaning and the story behind each of the installation wow me so much!

One of famous spot for picture!
Art piece by Pakistan artist that actually a composition of thousands of miniature images of trash and colonial ships.

Thanks Sister for bugging us to go for this exhibition with her..luckily we did

miniature whales hanging over a hairpin by singaporean and Korean artist also a mystery gown represent the marine snow is really interesting!

Chloe with this migrant ship by Filipino husband-and-wife team "It comprises a life-sized boat stacked with cardboard structures reminiscent of the boxes that Filipino migrant workers would fill with objects to send home to their families." Source from Chanelnewasia.com

Someone look very concentrated!

Hubby favourite's was this mechanical sculptures on wall by a Korean artist

And many other great artwork!

Theme of the day is mandarin collar
Love this candid of us! Chloe is such a daddy girl

Take 2
Loving this Multiple image upload feature good for spamming photos

#ootd for Chloe
Blouse: Miki baby
short: NEXT
Shoe: from grandma @hsy101060

This naughty daddy always love to disturb her

Shirt from monki, bell pant from taobao, shoe from asos

Beautiful flooring at sam

Looking forward for more museum tour and it's free entrance for sg citizen and pr! Good activities to do on weekend with baby ~

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