Hello is my appearance!!
I'm 10 months old today!!

Meaning mummy have been a sahm and breastfed me for 10 months! Her dark eye curls game getting stronger, weight continue dropping but I Guess she is happy because I keep her busy and crazy!

Am I right mummy? U happy right?

She always tell people I'm getting naughty and cheeky! Talk bad behind of me la
Btw who want a boring baby right!

I have 5 teeth now!!
Grandma say the top 2 are huge but she say nvm I look even cuter!

What I do when mummy say give or share! Sharing is caring according to her

Okie this lousy selfie took when mummy asked for a kiss..

I scream and shout when they disturb me!

And sometimes I bite!

Hair growing longer and thicker hope I look more girly so people would cal me boy boy anymore

Everybody say I look more like daddy as I grow.. #notagoodthing
I say mamamama, bababa but I don't know what it's mean oh also bububu

Oh I saw a bag time to DIG!! Yes I love bags any bags i enjoy digging and throw stuff out from the bag! Give me any bag!

Hmph.. That's about it! Have a great day everyone!
P.s I just learn how to clap my hand when mummy sing when you happy..

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