wanted to do this hashtag last week but no time to take photos coz the baby was sick with flu and couldn't sleep well day and night I'm a zombie! Till my mum offer to take over night shift and let me sleep a little..

yeah Saturday grandma daycare open so I can take my own sweet time to layout my make up for a proper shoot which I miss doing so much!!

Product styling was one of my favorite task when I work in Luxola.. Should I go back to work?!?! #firstworldproblem

1. Base

Banila co CC cream

After skincare, I always start my make up with this cc cream and this is my 4th banila cc cream always stock up this whenever Friend or my sis come back from Korea. On lazy days i will just go with this and skip foundation!
It helps to smooths rough skin texture and hydrates so I just it as moisturiser and sunblock

Dior nude air serum foundation

Realised this is a hot product among the #priceofmakeup ! After using it for half a year I really like it light weighted absorbed really quickly into the skin, last well for 3-4 hour which is just nice for me to wear on weekend..combinafion of Serum and foundation good for lazy people like me!

Beige Diorskin Star Concealer

Brought together with the foundation at Dior store! How to walk out with one product idk! Easy to blend and covers my stubborn dark eye circle well.. Usually apply this after foundation application and set it with pressed powder

2. Contour

Etude house Play 101 stick contour duo

Seldom apply this unless I have time to slowly paint my face, still haven't master the art of contouring without looking like a sakai.. Carefully put a little to contour and highlight my nose

3. Brow

3ce brow kit

Got it from recent Hong Kong trip, use it for few times only but I still prefer my very old cyberColor powder brow kit! The brush too soft and the color are too light of my liking have to brush on so many times to get the shade right on me..😂 where got time!

4. Blusher

3ce blusher stick
Gift from Sister -$0

I always love cream blusher long lasting and this shade look natural on my skin tone..

5. Eye

I'm eyeliner in dark brown
Gift from Sister – $0
(Perks of having sister study in Korea she always come back with lotsa make up and skin care junks for us)
Not bad but nothing to shout about just a normal liquid brown eyeliner..

Canmake mascara

Free from a goodies bag Canmake sent me last time to review their cream blusher.. Ern just a normal mascara that I try to finish up so I can buy new one! Which mascara is good??any recommendations?


Dior lip glow balm
enhance my natural dull lip color, use it as lip balm if I need to apply lipstick if not just on its own..

Urban decay matte lipstick
Gift from my boss who attended launch event in Sephora.. Good thing about working in beauty related company we get free stuff on and off
Favourite matte lipstick ong lasting and Color very pigmented, me likely! Not a Everyday color so have pick matchup outfit and occasion to wear this

Grand total: $240

Still ok huh and a lot are free product! All Dior product are sponsor by the Husband

Outcome from using above products..

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