Good to be home!
Breakfast waiting for me on the dining table
Fruit juice, meesua and warm lemon water
Thanks mum!!😘
Last night baby couldn't sleep well keep waking up my mum say it's new bed and place for her so give her sometimes to get use to it.. Hopefully soon

Now taking nap beside me coz she was sweating sleeping in the cot and I lazy to on the aircon

I'm tempted to get blackout curtains I think she sleep better in complete darkness.. She woke up at 7!!! This morning, she usually wake up at 9.30 to 10am!! Must be the sunlight shine in that woke her up! Yup new curtain it is!

Okie new hair! No more nice curls now I washed my hair right after I reached home!

New hair color in medium brown, a trim and a good treatment!

Can't wait to try to do this curl myself but I didn't bring my curler back so have to wait till next month when we go back

Front view, actually the color quite light..

My Husband say my main purpose back to KL is to do my hair and now hair is done he say time to go home 😂😂 not ok! I want to be my family also give myself a little break..

Quick grocery run at Ben's with the Sister and baby, need to get some ingredient for her food.. I actually wore this nice top that I took from my mum closet! But I realise I have to Tula, wear so nice also will be blocked also the material of the blouse will not be comfortable for her to lean on! So changed to a simple Tee will do.. Haih #thingsmotherdo

Also tea time in between grocery shopping.. Argh I miss time like this! Actually i can do it in Singapore but no kaki mostly my friends are working 😂 i would just take away and enjoy it at home

Light make up only cc cream, brow and blusher.. Enjoy reading entires of # priceofmakeup so tempted to share mine too! Maybe tomorrow

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