Spend our morning in the airport, daddy come together with us and left for work after we check in..

First time putting her in the airport stroller coz normally we brought our yoyo along when travel.. But with me alone I can only Tula her
She seems happy with it lets see how Long she can sit there

Fed her jap instant porridge while having my breakfast, everyone is so friendly and helpful when they see me alone with a baby
A lady give up her seat for us right after we collected our food.. A guy offer help to carry my bag

And now having nap after nursing..

Flight delayed! For 1 hour!

Oh why today! We have been taking Malindo back to KL ever since I got pregnant and never experienced any delay or bad service! But why this time when I have to travel with a baby alone 😭😭
Another hour to spend what should I do!

Somebody is awake! Cat nap for 40min only!!

Selfie time

Finally reached home!
Grandma got everything ready for her, new cot, hand sew bumper, Merries diapers, wet wipes, even swim float! Also a half day leave to picked us up from airport and babysit Chloe!
After fed her mum put baby to nap and I go prepare myself to go out!
Guess where?!?!

My room for next few weeks.. Thanks @huizhi actually someone asked why I'm not back to my in law's coz I will be all alone with baby at home just like me at sg only different is with a maid and there's more people at night 😭 so I rather stay at my Mum's place which is 20mins away

Another corner of the room..

Long sleeve: Topshop
Grey outer: Taobao
Skirt: joyce shop

Going out..messy hair don't care coz I'm running late! gonna drive there alone it's been more than a year I drove! My mum ask me to drive back from lunch place just now, gain back my confidence in driving..hope I'll be back safe and sound! God bless me..

No one interested where I'm going huh! I will still tell you! Hair pampering time at number76!
My mum ask me to go today since she already took half day leave so ok off I got to find my Favourite hairstylist -Calvin at Bangsar branch

Not sure what hair style I want I just leave it to Calvin to decide! Been 2 years plus I never change hair stylist I trust him so let's see what he's going to do to my hair today!

First hair dye after give birth!! Is either me always come rushing or Calvin is really busy with appointments, today I have time so can do nice colour

Also I wanna announce (hopefully I don't jinx it) I've stop losing hair since baby was 8 months!My postpartum hair loss start when she was 4 months it's terrifying the amount of hair drop Everyday is scary! I went search hair grow serum, do hair treatment and all but useless lar so no need to spend money on your hair mummies who having this prob

Done! Really happy with the outcome! He also teach me this new technique of curling hair bye bye to boring curl in!

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