After my mum last visit, baby start to have her porridge twice a day! I used to feed her different food for lunch and dinner.. Lunch usually mix fruit purée then night baby rice or millet with one meat and one vege! so troublesome I have to spend so much times in the kitchen preparing meals for baby and myself then I'm running out of ideas what to cook!

So my mum teaches me how to cook Baby porridge in a much easier way (previously I was using slow cooker which take forever) just steam the porridge for one hour for 2 serving lunch and dinner! It's save so much time..phew~

So whenever she take her first nap at 11.30am I will prepare her porridge and my own lunch..
Baby porridge: spinach, thread fin with homemade anchovies stock
Mummy's: seaweed soup with left over spinach from baby's porridge, egg, crab stick and mushroom
Prepare time: 15mins

This is her usual porridge sometimes she like it sometimes can't even finish half serving

Baby's: salmon + brocolini porridge
Mummy's: Japan seaweed soup with overcooked salmon ( baby cried from nap😭 went soothe her and forget my salmon are still in the pan) and rice

Prepare time: 25mins
Baby love this porridge she finish whole serving for lunch..

Pasta day!
Baby's: baby pasta from Heinz tomatoes based with minced pork
Mummy's: aglio olio

She take time to get used to the sauce taste didn't finished her lunch but she ate everything for her dinner! More pasta for you!

Prepare time: 40mins!

Since it's about food so must as well post what I cook for dinner
Our usual dinner will be 1 meat/fish + 1 vege or 1 soup + 1meat/fish.. I'm a 饭桶I eat a lot of rice..😂if not I'll be hungry middle of the night
Couldn't believe how I turn to a Aunty who insist to have home cooked meal Everyday for my family! I used to ask my mum this question how she have to cook Everyday! Don't she feel tired of all the cooking? Now I finally understand why! Healthy and so lazy to think of what to eat when out

My view normally when Cooking dinner..when she doesn't want to be in the play yard or exersaurce keep screaming and shouting for attention I'll bribe her with biscuit on her high chair in the kitchen watch me cook

My Teochew Husband request for 卤味
What Husband want Husband get!
Brought instant pack from fair price just throw in pork, hard boiled egg and tofu braised it with slow cooker! Super easy and yummy!

Kitchen closed for the month!

Me and Chloe are going KL tomorrow!!
Just two of us 😂 hopefully she don't torture me in the one hour flight! Daddy will joined us this Friday for a weekend.. It's an impromptu trip coz I miss home and my mum keep asking us to go home so I just brought ticket last week to go home for 2 weeks..perks of sahm I guess and glad that home is just an hour flight away although I hope its 10 min away la..

But poor Husband have to eat out and come back to quiet home everyday or maybe he will enjoy it!

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