Chloe at Disneyland Hong Kong

Super overdue post of us at Disneyland! Faster post when I free before i forget everything

So that morning we take Uber van from hotel to Disneyland! Highly recommend uber van coz according to the Uncle its the cheapest (compare to taxi and hotel transport) option space bigger and comfy

It's was a raining morning we are so worry the weather will spoiled our day at Disneyland..😌 but hotel already booked so bobian ..dropped our luggage at Disneyland hotel and took a shuttle bus to the park

Me and hubby are so excited as its our first time using Disney cast member card! He work in a company under Disney so we are part of Disney cast member.. So free entrance to Disneyland around the world (except Japan and Shanghai) are one of the staff benefit..if only we get to go to other Disneyland la so far hk is the most affordable one..

Btw baby was so fussy and cranky before we enter the park..Guess she's hungry so we spend 30mins nurse her before we enter the park

First thing to the store and get a princess outfit! Haha #siaomum I use to insisting all new clothes have to be washed before letting baby wear but don't care lar just wear for one day only should be no problem.. Luckily everything went fine lar no skin rashes I did wipe it with wet wipe first before putting on her.. This Snow White costume seems nicest among all so we picked this and look so cute on her #obsessedmum

Wrong focus but someone look so happy here

Baby's first merry go round! I think she likes it..

She was all cheery throughout the whole trip in Hong Kong whenever we place her down for photo she would happily smile at the camera..that's make all the tiredness having to tula or carry her worthwhile

Then we went for Winnie the Pooh ride and we regretted as it was quite scary and bumpy ride for baby, She cried half way 😖 but manage to calm down once the dark part ended

Daddy and Chloe at small small world is her nap time so she's getting a little restless but she sit through the whole ride though

Daddy say these doll look scary to him not sure if Chloe think so 😌

That's her expression throughout the ride haha just sit still and look left and right

We was right she's tired so she nap once we are out from small small world so it's time for brunch for the parent.. We choose western food!
Oh ya it's was a Monday and I guess also Low peak season most of the queue time for ride are only 5 to 8 mins and restaurant seems empty too! Good things for us!

She woke up and we brought her to the store I remember I had this goofy Bay when I'm young! It was me and my brother's favourite coz Mickey are too mainstream 😖#coolkidswannabe

At some random princess theme place and my princess have a mini photoshoot.. Since no crowd so we take our own sweet time taking photos and rest here and there

So smiley whenever she saw the camera 😝 #vainpot

Next destination the toy story land.. She keep getting sticker from the cast members and she just can't stop eating them 😖
Then we stop them from giving stickers to her..don't waste it mah others kids treat it as precious

And daddy went for a ride while mummy nurse baby! I don't fancy these kinda ride so I'm okie to passed it

Just in time for Lion king show! Very nice I like it!

Baby is taking her second nap so hub went for another ride in this mystery house

And me enjoy your ice cream and people watching

Must do in Disneyland queue and take photo with Mickey and Minnie!

It's a wonderful experience we will come back again or to other Disneyland when my little Snow White grow older to enjoy all the fairy tales and rides soon!!

Minnie try very hard to make my cool baby laugh..

Stunned look at the castle! We stay and shop till the parade and firework before going back to the hotel..

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