Play yard for Chloe

Finally settle with this play yard from ifam after few months having dilemma which to buy or do we really need one for Chloe coz it's takes up so much space in the house..

But we don't hv a playpen and she have been crawling to dangerous places in our not very baby-friendly house also I need a safe area to place her in when I do some chores, cook or go toilet..Previously I always put her in the exersaucer but lately she seems to protest everytime I place her there😖
so play yard it is!

So my TOP 3 option for play yard are Veebee, haenim and ifam

Best would be veebee of course but too expensive Husband disapproved! Check carousell but around 200 are mostly 3rd hand used.. Haenim a little too colourful for my liking then I chance upon ifam (from Korea too) price affordable, design and color very nice can match with my parklon playmat!

Really like the cute little door! Cannot review yet coz first day using it! But so far quite sturdy and no funny smell..

After going thru tons of wedsite selling this play yard I realised some are China made ifam not the authentic one but price can be the same as the real Korea product! Almost got cheated! I got my from Qoo10 and its shipped from Korea and made in Korea seller send it over using ems which takes around 8days to arrived in Singapore..

So far I haven't left Chloe there alone for more than 10 mins the rest of the time I'm in there with her to encourage her crawl around the area but when I'm inside all she want is to crawl on me or use me to stand 😂 hopefully she don't feel abandon when she was left inside alone
My mum commented very kelian when I send her pictures of baby in the play yard alone..
But I promise hubby to let her crawl around the house whenever I able to supervise her lar!

👶🏻: I'm 9 months old today and this is the gift you give me la! Put me in the jail and ask me play by myself..

Her v birthmark on the forehead is very obvious today.. Maybe she really angry about the play yard 😂

Slowly getting used to holding sippy cup herself for water..

👶🏻: huh why so amazed drink water only mah

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