Thanks mum

To my dearest mum,
Thanks for being such a awesome Mother to us! I always Thanks God for you and how blessed am I to be your Daughter!
After being a Mother myself only I realise how hard it is to be a Mother (although just 9 months) how much patience, unconditional love and plenty of care we have to shower for our baby.. Thanks for still taking care of me like I'm still a baby!

Grown mean nothing to a mother. A child is a child. In mother's heart each will always be her baby!

I fall sick week ago down with high fever and bad cough, I feel so helpless especially when I'm alone with a baby.. Husband took day off to take care of me and Chloe and I spend 2 days on bed..Feel really bad for Husband he was really tired and almost fall sick too and baby who keep wanting me to carry but I couldn't coz I don't want to spread the virus to her

Then my mum fly over to rescue the next day for a week without us asking despite she has to work.
Couldn't imagine that week without her

She did almost everything cook, do laundry, take care of baby, and also settle work from home 😖 all I need to do is feed and put baby to sleep! I feel so so blessed with her around..

My mum is always my role model, she forever so energetic! She jog in the morning, cook breakfast before heading to market, come home bath and go to work, then cook dinner for my sibling also my Aunty family then go to dance (Zumba and other dance I don't the name) at night come home do house chores before bed!

She is indeed a Super women!

My mum look like she have more than 24 hours a day! And she never complain that she is tired.. While me taking care of a baby and some house chores already drop dead tired! Useless me but whenever I complain to her she will always tell me to come home!

She is awesome Grandma to Chloe too! She video call us 1 to 2 times everyday without fail! When she's around Chloe get all the attention grandma would follow her everywhere she crawl play with her non-stop! When we are out stroller or Tula are not allowed all grandma want is to carry the baby the whole journey! When grandma is here Chloe shed no tear! She never cry longer than one minutes before gramma come to rescue and soothe her! Yes Chloe is so blessed to have such a lovely Grandmother!

Thanks mummy @hsy101060 (her dayre acc to stalk us) for everything you did and always being there for us! You are always our supermom!


Also my first Mother's Day! I wish i can be an awesome mummy to Chloe just like my mum!

Happy Mother's Day to all mommies who reading this!

#thanksmum #motherdays #thankfulformymum #awesomemum

Thanks for camping dear campers! Actually I'm planning to end this post after the hashtag.. Since got campers so update more about our Mother's Day outing actually just normal shopping day in town.. Fed baby porridge and off we uber to paragon!
Had quick lunch and baby sat thru the lunch without fuss or snack just playing with wet wipes! Me and hubby eat and peace and manage to chat while eating like the old days

No proper ootd so this is it..
Top from aforarcade, pleated pant from taobao very comfy and slumber outfit

Today baby skip one feed she din fuss for milk so we just drag and drag till we reach home #assholeparent coz she have quite a big serving of porridge before we left home so I assume she's full 😂 her last feed was 12pm and now I'm feeding her at 8.30pm is she gonna start weaning?!? 😖 hopefully she will not wake up many times in the night due to lack of feed in the day

Main purpose to paragon is to get potty from Mothercare! My mum has been asking me to get a potty for Chloe and start train her to poo on a potty but I'm lazy lar then I realise her poo have been quite predictable she normally poo in the morning after breakfast so I'm gonna try to put her on potty and get her used to it..

Did I mention she missed her second nap too..😏 she just couldn't fall asleep when we are out since she doesn't cry or show tiredness just let her be and we continue shop #assholeparent x2

New Pjs for baby from Mothercare too she outgrown most of her pjs and the new batch I brought next are way way way too big for her to wear it now (9-12mth from next are ridiculous big or my baby is small size) so no choice have to buy new one

ABC Flash card and bible stories book for her too!
Daddy also brought himself a pair of Nike for sport and work and mummy got nothing! I thought today is Mother's Day?!?

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