Home sweet home! Back to usual programming!

A very fun family trip although it's tiring but no regret at all! When we first planned this trip some family members actually throw cold water saying baby will probably teething then fever yadah yadah.. Some say siao! baby still so young bring her to Disneyland she don't even remember don't say enjoy it la.. But I would say there's no best timing! Just yolo and enjoy the moment why worry so much right..

Initially we wanted to go Australia but the flight duration is longer so we chosen a nearer location and me and hub miss Hong Kong's food.. So the first 3 days of the trip was just about food hunting and shopping..😖

And we spend 2 days and 1 night at Disneyland for baby.. She's now very responsive and she loves soft toy and cartoon character.. We spend most of the time waking around finding Disney characters to show her okie more on the detail when I transferred the photos from camera

Now 3 of us having post vacation blues..
Or maybe just me.. Looking at the unpack luggage give me a headache.. Pile of laundry to do..and house chores I Guess is time for part time helper..
Baby is overtired+ overstimulated these few days so she extra cranky and clingy maybe coz we baby wear her all the time in hk for pass 5 days..but thanks God she able to sleep on her bed and nap quite well today first nap was 2.5hr and now down on her 2nd nap poor baby she must be really tired

And the poor Husband feel unwell after a cup of cocktail in the flight back and today he is back to work.. Life as per usual!

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