Woke up with a really bad migraine this morning! My last migraine was a month before I got pregnant with Chloe which mean 17months ago! I used to had it once or twice every month and I'm not missing it at all!!

Not sure what trigger it tho! Hopefully it's not Menses coming soon.. 🙏🏻

Thrown up 3 times this morning plus sharp pain on left side of the head normally it started with blur vision but this time no if not will be dangerous if I need to carry Chloe..

Thanks God, Chloe was good and go to nap without fuss..and migraine go away after a short nap

How I wish I could apply mc to just sleep in whole day! If only there is mc or annual leave in sahm's life.. 😭 sometimes I wish we have someone close here for extra hand once a while..and don't want to tell hub coz he will sure offer to come back so only told him after I got better, cannot dayre also coz he will read it for sure he is my number one reader..😖

This girl spend her whole morning on the bed with a sick mummy laying beside her 😊 feel so blessed to have such a happy pill to cheer me up.. So I shouldn't complain more

Gave her a hanky and she played for good 15mintues, thanks baby for being such a good girl 😘

Forget to post this! Dinner date last sat with Seng family at my fav cafe, pacamara the food are 👍🏻 as usual.. Me and hub went a lot when I was pregnant coz it's near to our place and food are yummy!

We ate a lot! No even have space for desserts 😖 wah now I missed the chicken wing already #dayrefatties

The fathers and their girls!
So nice to have friends in same stage of the life so we could share things about babies and they can grow up together!
And they always so nice offer to pick us up and drop us home! This kinda friends where can find right! Thanks @winniechia and bingda!

Baby food in making while the adult have take-out, today baby dinner is little bit of salmon + spinach with organic millet purée

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