Baby's breakfast this week, read some mummy's reviews online then decide to let baby try.. She's getting bored of boring brown rice cereal.. So something new for her! So far she's liking it..

Brought this cardi for upcoming trip from Mothercare last night after dinner with Cathy and her Husband.. I love buying cardigan for baby (perks of having a baby girl) 😂 chosen the red one coz Chew (Cathy's hubby) say wear bright Color nicer! Haha true okie red cardi add into Chloe's closet..

👶🏻: Ma, I think it's a little to big for me! You sure you don't want to change the size?

And New toy from @cathykhu and chew! Coz this baby laughing non-stop when we show peppa pig so they went to buy for her while getting George pig for their Nephew 😂 so sweet hor.. But me yesterday rush rush rush until forget to bring out the gift I brought earlier for their baby 😭

This is her laughing happily at peppa pig

*please ignore her unmatch headband and top I'm was letting her try the new headband I got her

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