Didn't manage to wake up to pump last night when I check the time this morning it's already 6.45am 😭

Hello! milk blisters long time no see 😭😭😭

Ootd to church on sunday
Stripe TOP : Seed heritage
Crochet short: Gingersnaps
Socks: carter
Headband: Taobao

A mummy asked me why I seldom dress Chloe in pink she always come to church in black and white or blue..😂 only then I realise her closet have lesser pink outfit nowadays just like my own wardrobe

Why you no buy me pink dress anymore!?!?

Face she give me when I ask her smile

Shameless selfie! Bear with me I seldom paint my face these day when I do we normally in rush I don't have time to selfie..😂 but today baby napping really well so I take my own sweet time to prepare her meal and doll myself up as we are meeting @cathykhu for dinner today

And now I'm facing first world problem in sahm's world..haha should I wake my sleeping beauty up from her nap! We are running late!! She need to have her dinner before we go out!!

Runing late still wefie 😂
Baby finish her spinach with baby rice in 10minutes with no fuss.. Phew

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