8 month old!

Happy 8 month old my baby!

Bottom 2 teeth cut through too! I'm not toothless anymore

•Still crawling on tummy
•Love to bites her lip!
•can sit up by herself
•Protest or pretend cry whenever we take away things on her hand
•high five!

Ma, is this Oreo?!?

Solid journey so far
Vegetable: baby spinach, sweet potatoes, carrot, potatoes, butternut Squash, peas, broccoli, broccolini, pumpkin, cauliflower

Fruits: strawberry, Apple, pear, papaya, avocado, banana

Meat: fish

She has her mood on food some days she love everything I gave her, some other days she act like my cooking was really terrible!

Very cheeky too! Always love to scoot to place I ban her from! Time to get a play yard, any recommendations, mummies!


Please don't grow up so fast my baby..

Thanks yiyis for your wishes! 😘

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