I WAS a hermit crab

I decided to come out from my hermit shell!!

Don't know why I just feel so lazy to social these days.. Lazy to reply text message from friends, silent in group chat, staying away from social media and not even feel like updating dayre 😭 what happen to me!!

Couldn't sleep well last night I know some part of me is wrong 😖 so I spend time ponder and pray.. So this morning I woke up I text all my friends whom I owe them a reply message and say sorry and tell them I really miss them..

I am a lousy friend

I seldom take initiative to stay in touch with my friends never text or call to check them out , sorry friends!

So I got my replies from all of them and feel better coz they understand life have been really different for me now (finding reason for me some more) and Chloe take up all my energy..blah blah
Deep in my heart I know actual reason is me being antisocial 😭

Sorry friends I promise to be a better Friend to you!

Not that I have a lot of friends lar coz I'm not easy to make friends with people 😑but 朋友不用多真心的几个就够了..

Can't wait for catch up session soon!!

So another thing I need to breakthrough is to update my life with Chloe more often in dayre! I'm so regret that I don't have much post to read back this few months! With my bad postpartum memory I should have post more so noted them down and read in future!! Sometimes I worry this platform is kinda too open to share but I guess just be careful with certain content

So today is a social day!

I've been dragged to contact this Friend of my Cousin in Aussie (see!contact stranger I also lazy) to collect some stuff my Cousin wanted to pass to me (some more people send present to us) 😭 really what's wrong with me..so I texted this guy who so kind to be the postman between us and arrange a quick meet up this morning..

So paiseh she got me a playnomore bag from her Korea trip (although I doubt I'll carry it) and a dress from pumpkin patch skirt for baby, so sweet lar her.. Have to buy something as rerun to thank her liao

Since we already out of my little hermit shell, so I decide to continue go social! Haha..
Bring this little lemon tart to plaza sing and she so happy when I put her in carrier! Jumping and smile at me.. Sorry baby mummy have been quarantine you at home for so Long 😭
And I have my Favourite jap curry rice at Coco Ichibanya and baby quite cooperative at lunch play with wet wipe till I finish my food! Achievement unlock bring baby out alone for lunch! So it's doable!

Also got my iphone checked at service center coz the SIM card slot is stuck while baby have her nap in Tula.. Perfect timing! Make me feel like bring her out more often😁

Went into random shop call miniso selling some Japanese stuff like daiso but their stuff look nicer..got these sock to match with my new white sneaker!! Very cheap lo! 3 pairs for 3 bucks only!! #auntymodeon
Wanted to shop longer but afraid my number at Apple service calling soon.. After done with apply then forget to come back to shop! Tell you my memory cannot already!

Also got Etude contour stick after seeing the ad pony using it must get one for myself!

Back home feed baby and she now down for second nap!!

Feel so accomplished! although the phone thingy is not done coz I need to back up before sending in for repair! I would say is a good start! Bye bye hermit shell! Back to my 'wild boar' life(my mum used to call me 山猪coz I always go out 满山跑)
Hub gotta worry about his pocket now😅 no different lar I stay at home also online shopping right!

My baby girl love to sleep like that nowadays no more sleeping sideway or on tummy..

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