Morning blur face, I love it when she had enough sleep wake up in the morning cheery and happy stay in her crib play by herself babbling till I come in the room she greet me with her widest smile what a good way to start the day 😘

Yesterday I try diy a headband to match her top for coming Friday family portrait..😅 bit too big for her and my mum say it's ugly, look like some bath headband! So bad meh?!? Maybe I'll try to remake it tml with my sewing machine back home..
@juvyn see yours are way way way nicer!!

Send this to hubby and tell him I'm done with packing!
We are going back KL for Easter weekend and to celebrate my fil 60th birthday and to take family portraits and to do my hair and eat all our craving (Nirvana banana leaf rice, village park Nasi lemak, Chili pan mee, Taman Desa Japanese yakitori) and meet some friends.. So many things to do in 4 days time

Been searching high and low for shooting outfit mine and hub's one settled once the theme is set but baby's one are hard..coz she is the star must draw to stand out but I enjoy doing sourcing aka shopping really miss those day that I used to source for outfit of couple who do pre-wedding shoot with OWT

Seed Heritage
My new love brand for baby's clothes got to know it from @winniechia is an Australia brand and they are having sales now! Love their design and material are good too!

Super thankful that my parcel arrived just in time which suppose to reach on 28th and have no hope of having it for the shoot who know arrived way earlier than expected!! Thanks God!!

Done packing! These luggage organiser I got from taobao are really handy when come to packing! Washing machine friendly too after each travel I just wash it..Still use zip lock bags but only for food related items and handkerchief

Brought a pink knife and stainless steel bowl the other day just for fruits and baby's food! And that's Today's dinner for Chloe – organic peas purée


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