Hi how's everybody doing?
TGIF! Tomorrow daddy will be home with us!
Nothing special just me spamming some photos of me in a swimsuit yup my lame mummy put me in the swimsuit and let me swim on her bed! Not pool ok.. Super lame.. I'm getting bored of this dress up party game..🤔

Never mind as a professional model don't like also have to pose and Jia Jia smile at camera..

My sunbathe pose! Got feel or not?!?

I miss everyone in dayre but mummy just too lazy to post anything.. Hope u enjoy this series of photos dunno when you will see me again! Haha

@charmmy3030 yiyi how are you?! hope you coping with your job well! Please take care k

Serious face with high fashion pose 😑

I can scoot everywhere now so it's not that easy to shoot me! But Mummy say nothing is going to stop her from taking pictures of me..

Okie time to do some reading 🤓

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