5 things my baby taught me

1. I am not as patience as i thought 
i always thought i’m a patience people i love teaching sunday school and my web design student, i love playing with babies and kids before i delivered Chloe. So i think i can handle my own kid pretty well but reality is NOT especially when you have face her 24/7 you just can’t run anywhere. Its amaze that she is this young but already testing my patience, i got irritated when she couldn’t focus on finish her feed, couldn’t fall asleep and keep wanting to play when it’s nap or bedtime, angry when she wasting her solid eating half way and request to get out of the high chair, waking out numerous time in the middle of the night! i wonder how other mummies make it but i almost went crazy a few times. Then i come to think how my mum go through this for 4 freaking times because she had 4 children and how others went thru it! of course whenever she smile at you ask for hug and make you feel you’re her everything all the anger and frustration gone..i guess rising a child Patience is the eye and everything. Be grateful for every little thing, even the tantrums, because everything and every day is a blessing from God.

2. There’s no right answer 
Really! no right answer. Everyone will give you their advise according to their own experience or books they read. All i have is my mother instinct and survey thru reading books and article. i don’t believe in superstitious thingy like baby shouldn’t wear shoe before they learn to walk to me it’s nonsense i love buying shoe and baby look very cute in them, or a walker helps baby to learn to walk faster or just feed baby porridge that’s what she need yadaa yadaah..

3. Meaning of unconditional love
Motherhood has taught me so much love that I never knew I was capable of. It has taught me how to be selfless and always put her need before me.

4. I married the right guy
He is always there for us, someone i always look out for whenever i’m tired physically and mentally. He never judge me but give me full support and always stand by me, he is my husband. Without such a hand on husband i’m not sure how messy and busy my life as a mother can be, he help to bathe baby, change nappy, volunteer to take care of her alone and book a massage session for to relax, trying his best to give us the best he could! Really what can i ask for rather than Thanking God for such a huge blessing He provide me.

5 Enjoy the moment 
Kids change and will change so don’t worry too much about it what i constantly remind myself, baby is going to outgrowth everything she have it now so ENJOY the moments when she is a baby give her cuddles, hugs as much you can.

9 thoughts on “5 things my baby taught me

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