I have been abandon this space for whole month😭😭..and today is already our last night here for Chloe's first trip back in KL..
Life have been really good here for both her and mummy, she get to be carry and play all the time by different people while me just appear when is feeding time! No house chores no cooking and well fed by my mum..

I'm gonna write down how our usual days here.. As we are not sure do we still want such a long holiday without daddy around..

Our day in KL

So our day usually start at 7.30 to 8.30am depend on The baby she will toss and turn in the bed, babbling rolling and scooting around the bed..ill only get up to wash up when she start protesting then bring her downstair to greet her grandma morning..hehe

After my mum left for wet market is breakfast time! Boring baby cereal and some water normally she can't finish this potion of cereal always have to left a bit..maybe she got it from me I can never polish my plate clean

Mummy are you talking bad about me?!?!

After breakfast she normally poo yes she develops this habit of mealtime – poo time! Sometimes she get frustrated of her poo not coming out she have no appetite to eat anymore 😂

Breakfast for me..freshly blend juice by mum every morning and she cook breakfast too but today she decide we should have something from the market and she went tapau..so spoil right
So I take my own sweet time to drink my juice while dayre and let Chloe digest her cereal

Then is bath time!
She always get excited when she saw her duck tub! Flapping her hand and bouncing asking to be put in..
I think is a good buy for travel!

Bathed! Clean and fresh!
Posing for mama.. Can or not my pose?! Haha

Then is playtime with ah yi, she is wrestling with the rabbit! And we realise they are wearing same top!!

And we play dress up! Hahaha..

Haha so funny

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