Reunion dinner!

How's your reunion dinner?
Chloe's first reunion dinner with family was short but a good one..short coz it's her bedtime she started to be fussy my mil say why she so discipline all our Niece and Nephew only go to bed after 10pm or when they feel like it
No choice she will scream the house down if we keep her awake pass her usual bedtime so we bring her up the room at 8.30pm 😂
Hopefully she don't wake up by the fireworks later..

Mil prepare 盆菜this year! Hub show her the meatmen's video on this dishes so she just follow and it's delicious!

Usual Nian cai.. Eat all the abalone!

And this is home made yusheng

I love packing angpao!as usual I'll write some message and wishes at the back for close family and friends..anyone else do that or it's just me?
It's the first year we give angpao for our baby so excited to give it to her tomorrow morning!!

Happy Chinese New Year to all dayre babies, mummies and pretties!! Have a great time with your family and enjoy all the good food and be #dayrefatties together!

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