Hair pampering day!
After so long the last time I stepped in to saloon was when I was pregnant! Almost a year I never do anything to my hair!
My hair is now in worst stage dry, hair loss, faded ugly color! I really need a hair fix badly!
So I waited till I come back to KL to my favourite hair stylist in number76, Calvin at Bangsar branch
Today gonna do some treatments to save my scalp and hair condition..also a hair cut, baby keep pulling my hair contribute to more hair fall!

Left baby with my mum really hope she is fine and having her nap now! *finger crossed*
Yesterday flight was very good, baby was asleep most of the time I latched her once take off and landing, she happily sucking and enjoy her flight! I choose Malindo when flying with baby coz more leg room and less cluttered..some more no need to worry about baggage size most important not so expensive

I think stroller training quite success! She sit in there without fuss all the time in the airport..such a good girl! Argh I miss my baby already

Hair fixed! Did Shiseido Adenovital Scalp Treatment that works to boost hair generation and combat hair loss (hope this solve my serious hair loss after give birth) plus their signature ultrasonic iron!
My hair look so healthy now! I feel refresh also..2 hours well spent!!!
Chopped it really short this time! I think baby take sometimes to recognise me when I came home


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