Homecoming prep

No post lately coz I seldom have chance to use my phone it's in airplane mode most of the time as a white noise machine for Chloe's napsss..when she's not napping I will be playing with her, feeding her or doing other stuff.. Hubby say good lar so I don't use phone so much 😂 too kiam to buy a white noise machine
When she's napping I'll sit in front of pc browsing net reading article but most of the time online shopping..every dangerous k always ended up carting out something😖

I think I gotta start doing some freelance soon to make use of my time and earn some extra for my shopping 🤔 since baby's schedule is kinda fix right now.. Maybe after we come back on March! I miss illustrator and photoshop! And also html and css!!

AND..i'm so lazy to start packing for our trip home! My list of things to pack is so long so long that it's like never ending, packing for one month is not fun at all!

Any tips mummies?

I really don't know where to start! Tml is my last deadline! And Tml night I'm going out with my Friends so I have only today and Tml daytime to pack stuff..we brought a 29" luggage with 8wheel and now regret coz its will be so huge and heavy after filled up! poor Husband going to have hard time carrying it 😖

Also Chloe's first flight..lucky just an hour so worst come worst I'll be latching her throughout the journey! That's my only strategy!

Remember I post this little girls have her new outfit from day 1 to day 15 of Chinese New Year? Accordingly to @klutzclumlov she is having fashion show!

And i have mine till day 6! Not all new lar combination of old but never wear and new ones

And hubby's! Poor boy he got nothing! But he say he have until day 3 okie coz he brought a box of 3 underwear! Haha very funny! But he's standard very high lar top man,pull and bear all don't have anything he likes only one Tee he saw in Zara that he want since we don't have time to go so I got my Sister to buy

my $5.60 contact lenses from see chic arrived the next day after the optometrist came for eye check! Super good deal and really amaze with their service!

Brought Uniqlo bratop when its on sales thanks @winniechia carted out once she inform me also with some under garments..to get free shipping #kiammum😖

Brought a throw for Chloe (yes I'm crazy chervon fans) to cover for flight and stroller also a warm furry cardi.. for our Hong Kong trip on April

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