How are everybody?
We still in holiday mood..😖 currently enjoy life at my Mom's place, no need to do anything no cooking no house chores just take care of my princess

Conclusion of our Chinese New Year this year! Cny was more fun with a baby! Except when people asked us to start planing for baby #2 😂 hello~~ one baby is very tiring already..gimme a break

We territories my sis room, poor her have to sleep with mum cannot enjoy her new room (coz they just moved in to this new place) before she go back to Korea next week! Thanks for your sacrifice,sis @huizhi 👌🏻

Thank you ah Yi! I love your room..

Mum sneak out from work today to go lunch and grocery shopping with us.. See this two so happy with each other companion, hub say they look quite alike in this photo..

But we do miss daddy who already back to sg..working hard for us! Fighting!!💪🏻💪🏻

Daddy I miss playtime with you! We know you're reading this.. Mummy will try to update more about our day,so you can stalk us here 😘

This girl starting to roll and crawl already.. So have to start 'jaga lembu' 😭 and my Mum's house is not very baby friendly lotsa sharp edge, deco everywhere.. She stuck underneath the sofa while I'm talking to my mum just less than 1 min ok!! She cry so badly..And both of us keep saying sorry to her 😭 argh guilty max..from that onwards I never let her stay on the play mat alone, also brought some baby proof stuff to prevent this happen again..


She fall off from our very tall bed at in law house last week too 😭😭😭 luckily she protected by some pillow and blanket on the floor! So she cry bit only.. But I feel so bad can't even sleep at night feeling sorry and guilty.. #badassmum but Thanks God for the protection of not I can't imagine how bad I could feel if she really injure

Hair Fix @ number76, Bangsar

Finally a proper hair fix after pregnancy and deliver!
the kiasu me went booking for a slot last October then another booking on November for husband!
coz i know Chinese new year is normally the peak period all slot sure fully booked! 
i’m back to my stylist whom i stick with for 2 years plus – Calvin at bangsar branch
he always know what i want for my hair so i got no worries when my precious hair is in his hand..
speaking of my ‘precious’ hair they are really precious to me now coz i loss bunch of them each day after baby turn 4 months! i remember my brother in law once warn me that after baby start smiling at you that’s the time when you start dropping hair..omg so true ok! those smiles make the hair loss all worthy though..just that i’m worry do i even have that much of hair to drop 
okie back to my last visit at number 76 bangsar
i want to cut my hair short other than post-natal hair fall another reason of me losing hair is my baby keep pulling my long hair! it’s so painful and heartpain at the same time! already balding this and baby is making the situation worst..
so short hair may solve my problem, and treatment! a lot of treatment! i didn’t have any once i got pregnant till almost six month baby i miss ultra sonic treatment so much!
in conclusion i just miss good hair day..
so Calvin suggest their signature ultrasonic treatment to repair my current hair condition together with Shiseido Adenovital Scalp Treatment to solve that works to boost hair generation and combat hair loss
Calvin give me a hair cut as i requested it to be short! also a “air” bang..haha old already must act yige young! 
it was 2 hour long hair pampering session that i really need, Thanks Calvin! he always know how to fix my hair no matter how bad it is! 
 can’t wait to be back for a hair color change! 
check out previous experience at number 76 here
oh ootd how much have i missed you!
peplum blouse – Pomelo | white short- taobao | flat- ASOS | bag- 3.1 Phillip Lim
flash this image to enjoy 25% off!! 

Reunion dinner!

How's your reunion dinner?
Chloe's first reunion dinner with family was short but a good one..short coz it's her bedtime she started to be fussy my mil say why she so discipline all our Niece and Nephew only go to bed after 10pm or when they feel like it
No choice she will scream the house down if we keep her awake pass her usual bedtime so we bring her up the room at 8.30pm 😂
Hopefully she don't wake up by the fireworks later..

Mil prepare 盆菜this year! Hub show her the meatmen's video on this dishes so she just follow and it's delicious!

Usual Nian cai.. Eat all the abalone!

And this is home made yusheng

I love packing angpao!as usual I'll write some message and wishes at the back for close family and friends..anyone else do that or it's just me?
It's the first year we give angpao for our baby so excited to give it to her tomorrow morning!!

Happy Chinese New Year to all dayre babies, mummies and pretties!! Have a great time with your family and enjoy all the good food and be #dayrefatties together!