Yeah 14days of sleep training finally over!

Not really over yet just that we are done with the sleep consultant, we're on our own now😬
Chloe still yet to STTN yet since that day but we gonna take that slowly and least she doesn't need nurse to sleep and sleeping in her crib now

From this training I get to learn her cues better and she's on a better routine too having her 3naps everyday, total of 3 to 3.5 hr.. I don't battle with her to sleep anymore! Which is great improvement.. Once I bring her in the room with lullaby she know is sleeping time and take about 3 to 10mins to fall asleep.. Not sure it's self soothe or my lullaby works like a Hypnosis to her anyway as Long she fall asleep peacefully
At night usually harder and taking longer time but still bearable

Sorry for irrelevant caption and photos..😅 let me finish this sleep training woes
She woke up for milk every 4-6 hour at night which is good enough so no more ebm in fridge since the last 4 pack
Caption: She still a happy baby!

Actually I feel this training is just in time coz we will be back to KL for a month with all the visiting, grandparent and relative around.. Is hard to get routine fix as it is but I'll try my best at least she's not overtired or overstimulated..
Caption: She love to pout her lip these day

Chinese New Year means new clothes!!!
Planing her outfits #siaomum total 15 set 😂Everyday new clothes till chu15

That's her Favourite teether at the moment!! She grasp it quite well and enjoy chewing her banana! Thanks @wendy_yap for recommendation finally found the Japanese version in Rakuten should have buy more coz she keep throwing it on the floor and I have to pick it up and wash it don't know how many times!

I also have #publicserviceannouncem to share!
My Friend who's working in this new start up selling glasses and contact lenses online share with us!Get free contact lenses up to $100 on your first order! Use code freechic2 at
Just in time to replenish my contact lenses, I paid $5.6 for 2 boxes of ACUVUE define 1day lens!The only thing is they need to send optometrist for eye examination! It's free tho or you can opt to have free uber ride to their office to do Eye check!Super cool

So the optometrist just came to my house for my eye examination.. Never know its so portable and convenient.. And he never sell anything to me everything done in 30mins I got my prescription and he's gone! Now waiting my lenses to be deliver


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