Hello everybody! I'm back in action!anyone miss me?

Long hiatus from me.. Being a 5 month old baby have lotsa thing to cope with so I don't have time to dayre 😿

Thanks @charmmy3030 yiyi for this romper everyone say I look good on it..but I think I look good in all my clothes! 😊 #buaypaiseh

Oh ya about this month! mummy started to feed me cereal bit by bit Everyday and I think I love it I wish I could have more

Im very interested in my leg too! I finally realise I have them on me and I think they look funny can't stop grabbing them 🤔

I can sit with assisted too!

Our family are very busy this few days because mummy and daddy put me on sleep training 😭 my crying trick no longer works for them (mummy say she will update this sleep training thingy soon if it work out)

That's it for today we are going to the park on my posh car! See ya


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